Vogele super 2100 2
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Vogele super 2100 2

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Обзор асфальтоукладчика Vogele SUPER 2100-2

Асфальтоукладчики Vogele SUPER 2100-2

Гусеничный асфальтоукладчик производства JOSEPH VOGELE AG массой 22.2 т., мощность 182 кВт, ширина укладки 13 м.

Технические характеристики Vogele SUPER 2100-2:

Эксплуатационная масса (с плитой) 22150 кг
Мощность 182 кВт
Максимальная ширина укладки 13000 мм
Скорость укладки 25 м/мин
Транспортная скорость 4.5 км/ч
Производительность при укладке 1100 т/ч
Двигатель DEUTZ

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  • Vogele SUPER 2100-2
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  • Асфальтоукладчики VOGELE

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Vogele super 2100 2

This version of the model is in the colours of Eurovia which is part of the VINCI Group.


The model comes in a large Eurovia-branded box and inside it is enclosed between polystyrene trays with the paver unusually secured to the base tray with a tie. The review model had no defects or missing parts.

The model is complete with no assembly required, and there is no information describing its features. Included is an interesting reprint of a brochure about the real machine.


The rubber tracks have a segmented pattern and are mounted on simple track frames. It is interesting to note that the model is numbered 670 and 671 on the underside.

At the front the hopper belt is a metal casting and the hopper sides are also metal. There are some non-functioning rollers for engaging the wheels of a discharging tipper.

The body is a smart looking part with deep grilles and smart graphics. The operator’s station has a textured floor, a finely detailed console and the two seats are good. The canopy above is metal whereas the real machine has a glass fibre type material. The hand rails are metal and realistically sized.

The screed has textured surfaces and high quality handrails. It is very long with plastic suspension bars, and there is a metal material screw of matching length.

Each end of the screed has a control console and these are very finely detailed indeed.


The tracks roll reasonably well for rubber as long as the model moves in a straight line.

The hopper sides can close in to force material onto the belt.

Both operator’s seats can be rotated out to provide a better view forwards, and the roof canopy above can be extended to provide shelter. The console can move on a rail from side to side.

The canopy roof can be lowered to provide a reduced headroom for travelling on a transport vehicle. However the long screed is fixed so it does not make a viable transport load.

The screed can be raised and lowered, and can be extended a little on both ends for width.


This is a high quality model by NZG which is almost all metal and surprisingly heavy. It has good paint and graphics.


The price reflects the very limited edition produced.


This is another high quality paver model by NZG and it poses very well with other models in Eurovia livery. It is highly recommended.

Brochure included.
Wide 13m screed.
Detailed operator’s area with movable seat and canopy extension.
Detailed control pad.
A large model.
Poses really well with a suitable tipper.
Loaded by a Eurovia Tipper.

Vögele Super 2100-2

Vögele MT 3000-2i

Vögele Super 2100-2

NZG — models are today a worldwide guarantee for high quality scale models made of zinc die-cast. The highest possible level of detail, functionality and quality in execution are the focus of our production.

Address: NZG Nürnberger Zinkdruckguss-Modelle GmbH Sigmundstrasse 147 D-90431 Nürnberg

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